If you would like to add a gift to Dove Cottage Day Hospice to your existing will, this can easily be done by using a codicil.

Codicils (supplements to a will) can be added to an existing will for minor changes. These must be signed and witnessed in the same way as the will, but the witnesses need not be the same as for the original will. The codicil should then be kept with your existing will.

If anything substantial needs to be changed you should make a new will revoking the former one.

Never make alterations on the original document: either add a codicil or make a new will.

Our codicil form is a simple way to make small changes to an existing will. We would always recommend using a qualified solicitor when using this form.

How to complete your codicil

Following these instructions carefully will help to make sure that your codicil is not invalid in any way.
You must have two adult witnesses. No beneficiary or executor of your will (or anyone who is married to, or in a civil partnership with, a beneficiary or executor) can be a witness.

Witnesses do not have any right to see what is in the codicil unless you choose to show them.

  1. Date the bottom of the codicil form.
  2. Sign your name in the presence of the two witnesses. Ask them to sign and write their names, addresses and occupations on the codicil. All of you must be present while each of you signs.
  3. Keep the codicil in a safe place with, but not attached to your current will.
  4. Send or give a copy of the will and codicil (in a sealed envelope, if you prefer) to your executor or a trusted friend. Indicate with a note where the originals are held. It is important that the original will and codicil are kept together and that those who have a copy of your will also have a copy of the codicil. This will minimise the potential for later confusion.


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