Knit chicks and bunnies for us to sell at Easter

Small Ways to Help

Small Ways to Help Dove Cottage Day Hospice. Here are some simple ideas for you to help raise funds for us which will make a big difference to Dove Cottage and it’s guests.

Help at one of our events

Could you man a stall for us at one of our events? Could you help to set up tables/chairs before an event or help to take them down afterwards. We would be grateful for just one hour of your time and help.


Bake cakes for us

Could you or a group of your friends bake cakes for us and bring them into the hospice? Our guests are served with afternoon tea and cake before they go home and we are always grateful for donations of home baked goodies.
Can you bake a cake for us to sell at an event?


Put up Posters to advertise our events

Could you put up posters in your village or at work to advertise our events?


Sell Tickets for our twice yearly prize draw?

Could you sell a book of 10 tickets to your neighbours, friends or work colleagues. We always have an array of wonderful prizes to win.


Donate clothing/bric a brac

Could you donate items of clothing or bric a brac to our charity shop?


If you have other suggestions as to how you might be able to help us we are always grateful to hear them.

Contact Georgina or Amanda on 01949 860303


For further information on Dove Cottage Day Hospice, please contact us on 01949 860303, use the contact form or email