Making a referral to Dove Cottage Day Hospice

Making a Referral

Making a Referral is usually done by health or social service professionals. However, anyone can contact us to make an enquiry. We provide services for people with advanced progressive life limiting illness. If the referral meets our criteria, one of the hospice nurses will arrange a home visit to answer any queries and make a holistic nursing assessment of needs.

Where appropriate a day care placement, initially for one day per week, will be offered, which can sometimes be extended if there is an identifiable need.

Once a new guest has accepted a place at Dove Cottage Day Hospice, we will liaise with their GP and any other health and social care professionals involved in order to provide continuity of care.

Places are allocated on a needs-led basis. If a waiting list develops, the nursing team will review and prioritise the provision of care and may need to discharge a guest in line with our Discharge Policy.

This policy is of course only implemented when necessary, after a full discussion and explanation with the guest.

To make a referral, please contact us on 01949 860303 and ask to speak to one of the nurses.

For further information on Dove Cottage Day Hospice, please contact us on 01949 860303, use the contact form or email