As we get older we can often find that we spend more time on our own, missing our family and friends and feeling more lonely.

If you or someone you kBefriending servicenow would like to hear a friendly voice over the phone, Dove Cottage can help by matching the over-60s with a friendly member of the team for a regular chat.  

To sign up for our telephone befriending service, you just need to:

  • Be over 60
  • Have your own landline or mobile phone
  • Be able to hear and be understood over the phone

Our telephone befriending service may not be helpful for people with memory loss, dementia or mental health issues, but we may still be able to help you by suggesting another local service.  

We are here Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, so please give us a call at the hospice on 01949 860303 and ask to speak to one of the nursing team to find out more.


I believe fewer visits are made to the doctors as we can get help/advice from Dove’s nurses.