To make a referral, simply call your nearest hospice and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable nurses.


Aims of the service: The aim of specialist palliative day care is to support guests with palliative and end of life care needs, enhance independence and quality of life, and reduce carer fatigue through respite.

Referral criteria: Dove Cottage Day Hospice provides a range of services for guests over the age of 18 with advanced, progressive, incurable conditions or general frailty with co-existing conditions, where the treatment is palliative.

Guests will need to be well enough to attend day care and tolerate the journey to and from the hospice. They will also need to be able to access and use our hospice premises and equipment safely.

These criteria will be assessed on an individual basis by the nursing team.

Dove Cottage does not routinely offer places to patients:

  • With a primary diagnosis of (or advanced) dementia, acute mental illness or learning disability
  • Whose behaviour is liable to be disruptive
  • Whose main needs are rehabilitative rather than palliative
  • Who are in residential care
  • Who are known to have a healthcare acquired infection e.g.: Clostridium Difficile

Dove Cottage provides supportive palliative care but is a non-medical unit. All patients remain under the care of their own GP.

Acceptance of each referral is at the discretion of the day care leader or nurse in charge and will depend on:

  • Individual assessment of needs
  • Whether Dove Cottage can meet those needs
  • Whether attendance at Dove Cottage will be of benefit to the potential day care guest
  • Availability of resources and places

Referral process and assessment

Referrals can be made by health professionals, guests or their families. To make a referral please telephone Dove Cottage Stathern:  01949 860303

And ask to speak to one of the nurses, with the following information:

  • Name and contact details of the individual being referred
  • Date of birth
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • General condition and home circumstances
  • Name of GP

Nice to see others, have a laugh and have different conversations with guests and volunteers. We know we are in a safe environment while our carers have a day for themselves.